William Hardin & Associates, LLC

Personal Computer Support

We provide a full range of PC support
We can help you select and procure the best PC and software for your business needs
We can advise you about the merits of leasing or buying
Let us setup, install and configure your new PC
Let us extract that valuable data from your old PC
We repair existing hardware problems and install new peripheral components
We can train your staff as to proper use and care of PCs
We remove Viruses and Trojans, Spy-Ware, and Ad-Ware
We can install Spam Filters, and Fire Walls
We customize to your specific needs

We can be your IT department

110 E Center St
Madison, SD 57042
(704) 616-8716

Let us come in every week or every month to provide the PC support that your staff needs
We are "on call - 24/7" to solve those emergencies
We can audit how well your staff is safeguarding your hardware, software and data
We can teach your staff to utilize your software more efficiently
We can discover viruses and repair your systems.
We can help you develop a secure backup strategy